The Church We See.. a church that contributes to the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of our city and beyond by helping people make sense of Jesus Christ.

Get Involved

The church we see is simply where anyone and everyone feels welcome, included and appreciated.  

A church that makes sense to anyone regardless of their prior experience.  A church full of people with a diversity of cultural backgrounds.

A church whose vibrancy and passion is attractive, energizing and exciting.  We see a compassionate church which is the perfect antidote to loneliness in our society.  A community of strong, genuine friendships, together with an open invitation to anyone who would want to get involved. Whatever you’ve been through, whatever you haven’t been through, there’s a place for everyone at Severn.


The church we see is a family church, a student church, a church for working adults, a church for the retired -  a church of all generations, each one giving life and respect to the other.

A church full of children who will grow up secure, content and empowered to fulfill their God-given potential. A church full of young adults whose energy and creativity transforms the culture of their generation. A student church, a home away from home.  A church for working and retired adults where your passion for life is never diminished even if your energy levels aren't what they were!

A church where every generation can express their faith in God with purpose and passion.


The church we see is a generous church. A church that is generous in living, giving and serving.

A community that is compassionate in everyday life, always making space in their lives for the needs of other people. We see a community that together embraces and cares for the vulnerbale and marginalised with love and compassion. We see a community that is concerned about the wider world living sustainable lives, making decisions to protect and enhance our physical environment.


The church we see is a people whose faith has connected them to Jesus. Tentative faith, strong faith. Full of people who are making sense of their faith.

A community whose faith is growing throughout their lives through the good times and the difficult times. We see a people whose faith in Jesus is transforming their ethics and behaviour. We see a community so numerous that their faith affects the culture of our city and even beyond.  We see a church whose heart and vision is big enough for the city it exists in.