Contributing to Social Renewal in Bristol

The church we see builds communities and strengthens relationships between communities that would otherwise not interact in such an informal way.

As a community centred on Jesus, we are passionate about creating more opportunities for people to make a practical difference to other people's lives. In other words - we aim to be a church full of compassion and passion for Bristol.  Brighterbristol is a new intiative set up with exactly that goal in mind.

Find more about how, through Brighterbristol, we are contributing to the social renewal of our city and how you can get involved.

Logo of Brighter Bristol

Contributing to Social Renewal globally

Severn is a compassionate community that cares about national and global challenges and responds with creative and practical solutions.  

It's a vision of a compassionate church that’s inspired and empowered by Jesus. We want to make a practical difference to the lives of the vulnerable – both through direct aid and by taking responsibility for the way our lifestyle impacts people in other parts of the world. 

Click here to find out more about how Severn is contributing to social renewal globally and how you can get involved.