Thinking about Faith

Sunday Service Talks

Talks to stir your curiosity, to provoke you to think and inspire you to live. These talks are recorded every Sunday at the Severn Vineyard Church Sunday Services, hear them live and later at your convenience.

Training at Severn Vineyard Church

Severn Internship

Mandate:  To train emerging leaders who will influence their world with the outstanding good news of Jesus Christ.

More than a programme: It’s about understanding the raw material that makes you, you!  It’s about discovering your strengths and using them to influence the world around you.  It’s about finding where your deep joy meets one of our worlds great needs.  It’s about being part of a global community that cares about challenges that facing humanity.

HUB Leadership Course

The aim of our Hub training programme is to develop pioneering leaders.  Together with our sister churches in the region, Severn Vineyard Church, Bristol is training leaders to become intentional about their leadership, empowering them to fulfil their potential in their generation.

This is a new intiative and we will be enrolling students on a termly basis.  For more details, contact Owen Lynch.

Money Management Courses

Recognising the need for better management of personal finances in local communities, we run a course to help individuals organise their finances more effectively.  For more information about how to get involved speak to Greg Nixon or Phil Howells.