A message from Owen & Claire Lynch, Lead Pastors


Welcome to Severn Vineyard Church Bristol.  Severn began life in late 2009 as a brand new church planted by Trent Vineyard, Nottingham.

We moved to Bristol specifically to start this church from scratch, because we felt God call us to start a new and vibrant Vineyard church that would serve the vision that Jesus has for this amazing city region.

You might wonder how you start a church, the answer is simply to gather people together and share the Gospel of Jesus with them. The church has not stopped growing and so far around 350 people call Severn their church.

We have a heart and a vision for the West Country, centred on Bristol, but finding expression across the whole region.  Don't think that Severn is the finished article, we have hardly got started! Within our generation we hope to have made an audaciously huge contribution to the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of our city and region.  If that excites you, we'd love to invite you to get involved with us!






What To Expect At A Sunday Service

You will find friendly people who will help you find your way around.  A free car park two minutes walk from the venue, a place to lock your bike up, or a 2 minute walk from Bristol City Bus Station.  Fresh Coffee/Tea/Juice and Pastries/Fruit.  Kids and teenagers will enjoy their own fun among others their own age.  A live band will play a set of songs (you can just listen or sing along).  A 25 minute presentation about something relevant to everyday life based on the Bible.  An opportunity to receive prayer if you would like.  And the whole thing will be over in 75 minutes.

Sunday Services are a great way to visit Severn for the first time and if you'd like to come, you would be so welcome.  We hope to meet you soon.

Best wishes,

Owen and Claire Lynch

ps. do get in touch if you have any questions or comments: owen.lynch@severnvineyard.org, claire.lynch@severnvineyard.org


Story, Vision, Values and Priorities

Below you can listen to the first ever talks given in the life of Severn Vineyard when it first started in September 2009.  The total recording is over three hours and it is the most comprehensive description of the Story, Vision, Values and Priorities.