Come to a Sunday Service

Sunday Services at Severn Vineyard church are very special - unique events that are all about Jesus.  There are moments that, well it's like you could almost reach out and touch heaven!  So much special stuff seems to happen when the church gets together on a Sunday. 

More information on Sunday Services.


Join a Community Group

Once you have found the Sunday Service, you need to find a Community Group to join.  In this smaller group, you will find it easier to make friends and feel connected and known.  There are Community Groups all over Bristol and the surrounding region.  We have four types of Community Groups:

Open House groups - literally Open House to anyone - there will be food/drink, bible study, prayer, worship and community action.  

Activity groups - a great way to share a common interest with a group of like minded people.

Course groups - an opportunity to spend a term looking at a particular subject.

Networks - larger groups of people - up to 30 people who are at a similar stage of life, or with a common passion.

More information on Community Groups


Join a Team to help make things happen

Everyone can join a team to help make things happen.  There is nothing better for getting to know someone than by serving alongside one another on a team.  We encourage everyone who joins Severn to serve on a Sunday Service team - no job is too small and no one is too important!!  No matter what our calling or gifting, we can all roll our sleeves up and join a team once a month.

More information on joining a team.

Set up a regular monthly donation

In line with biblical understanding, we encourage everyone who considers themselves a Christian, who calls Severn their church and is financially independent to setup a regular monthly donation to Severn.  No matter the amount of the monthly donation it all makes a huge contribution to the well-being of one another and the wider community.

More information on setting up a regular monthly donation.