To train emerging leaders who will influence their world with the outstanding good news of Jesus Christ.

More than a programme

It’s about understanding the raw material that makes you, you!  It’s about discovering your strengths and using them to influence the world around you.  It’s about finding where your deep joy meets one of our world's great needs.  It’s about being part of a global community that cares about challenges facing humanity.

Principle Components of the Programme

Classroom Instruction

As a Severn intern you will have weekly sessions led by Mal Calladine, exploring your personal calling and gift mix, and learning how to apply those in the places where you live and work. 

You will participate in monthly Leadership Hub Training sessions with Leadership Hub students from other Vineyard Churches in the Southwest region. The instruction at Hub will focus on practical leadership development, and will be delivered by Vineyard leaders from around the UK and overseas.

Work Experience

You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the creative and community activities of Severn Vineyard each week, with the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience and to specialise in an area of your choice.

Leadership Focus

During the year, you will apply your learning about leadership in a specific context - it could be anything from our community based services to our creative media team to our Kids church team.  This focus will be agreed with you prior to your commencement as an intern, and may develop during the year.

Personal Character Formation

The close interaction with your fellow interns and the leadership team will provide an ideal environment to address issues of personal character formation.  This will be assisted by a personal development coach who will meet with you periodically to discuss expectations, goals, and areas of growth. You may also decide to find a mentor who can assist you with personal growth or with specific areas that you are involved in.

Who is this for?

Applications are welcome from anyone over 18 - it is not necessary to be involved in Severn Vineyard at the time of application.


The full internship programme will follow the academic year beginning in mid-September and ending in mid-July. However, we understand that it may not be possible for everyone to commit for 9 months, so we are open to interns joining for shorter periods. 

Interns are encouraged to take up paid work part time, and to rest on Saturdays.

Key Events 

Cause to Live For Conference - October.

National Leaders Conference - January.

Severn Annual Leaders Day - May.

The application process

Acceptance into the Severn Intern Programme will be determined by your application, references, an interview and the prayerful decision of our leadership team. Three factors contribute in determining whether it is the right time for you to be a Severn Intern:

Agreement of your most significant influencers: We want to know that the most significant influences in your life (parents, pastors, and mentors) all agree that this is the right training environment for you at this time.

Character:  We always consider the extent to which you will allow the Holy Spirit to influence your ethical behavior and we will examine this in the interview and we will ask your referees this question.

Finances: You must demonstrate financial stability in order to be considered as a Severn Intern.  Interns are encouraged to work part time (around 20 hours per week) as long as it does not interfere with the Severn Intern schedule.

Apply Now

We are now accepting applications. To complete the first step of the application process, please register your interest by emailing with a brief description of who you are and why you are considering this internship.  

Mal will then be in touch and will send you a copy of our application form to complete.