Support for Family Life

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, there is something for you here. That goes for the entire family, too — from infants and toddlers to grandparents. This is a safe place for those you love the most.

Dedicating or Baptising your children at Severn Vineyard Church

If you would like to dedicate or baptise your children, we would be delighted to help you with that.  Just get in touch with Shelley Neal.

Activities for all the Family

'Fun for all the family' is not too well worn a phrase at Severn Vineyard Church. Regular Sunday Stomps (walks in the country), picnics, and park games gather together lots of people involved in Severn as well as their friends. Keep an eye out for upcoming events on the What's Happening at Severn section of the homepage.

Marriage at Severn Vineyard Church

If you are thinking about getting married, we run a marriage preparation course, which includes ongoing mentoring for young married couples, from older married couples.  Also, if you are encountering significant difficulties with your marriage and you would like some help, we can provide pastoral support. Contact - Claire Lynch.

Help with your finances at Severn Vineyard Church

If you are having difficulties managing your finances, we have a Money Management Course that might help you to get things in order.  If you have debts that you cannot repay, we can arrange for you to have a free advocacy service to negotiate with your creditors. Contact - Greg Nixon.



My Mum is..

A small insight into family life at Severn: