At Severn Vineyard we want to invest in marriages in a range of different ways:

- marriage preparation - to lay foundations for the long haul 

- marriage investment - to encourage going from good to great!

- marriage counselling -  to deal with the tough stuff   


Marriage Preparation

There are 4 different ways we look to support couples getting married. We’d recommend doing all 4, although all are available individually if preferred.  
1) A week night “Marriage Foundations Course”  In the Spring term.  - Feb 20 to Mar 27.  You can book in here: 
For couples considering, preparing for or in the early stages of marriage and who want to invest more in great foundations! Breathing life into effective communication, resolving conflict, creating your household culture, being spiritual together and more! 5/6 weeks on Tuesdays evenings, starting Feb 20th.
2) A Support Couple - “Marriage Mentors”
Someone who has done the journey & can support you in this foundation-laying season.  Engagement can be a massive season of preparing both for identify change & new ways of living. We’d strongly encourage looking to have people who journey that season with you, and support you through the issues that come up.  We think this is most effective if combined with the Couples Survey below. 
3) An Online Couples Survey  
This is a brilliant tool to drive the discussions with a Support Couple.  You both answer 160+ questions independently which is effective in raising where your understanding is on the same page (and where it isn’t!)  in 9 main areas of relationship expectations.  Those answers are processed & sent to the Support Couple to then process with you. This tends to raise the areas that most need addressing very effectively.  This costs £20 per couple.  
4) A “Marriage Tool Kit training day  on a Saturday in the early summer.  With a focus on ideas & tools to catalyse how you want your household to in the future.  More details to follow.      
If you know anyone else at a  similar point then do invite them into any of these you think appropriate.  There is no expectation of being connected to the church  community - this is something we offer to anyone who might be interested. 
To find out more information on any of these, contact Mal & Chriscelle Calladine 07958 469 882 or email here ( 

Marriage Investment  

We encourage couples who’ve been married a while to invest in their marriage on a focussed weekend away - taking yourselves in for an MOT, to see where some investment in the machinery could make a difference.    

We work with a great organisation  and some of these weekends are hosted at ‘Breathe' an amazing venue in the Wye Valley only 45 minutes away run by Phil & Marianne Joiner who are part of our church community.

We also particularly look to run a weekend for those who have been married a couple of years, and after the ‘honeymoon’ initial stage want to invest some more content into their marriage experience appropriate to that season. Please let us know if you'd be interested in this by emailing us here and we’ll send you details.   


Marriage Counselling 

We also offer marriage counselling if things come to a head or need to be addressed with someone from our marriage team.  Contact us here if you would like to book an initial session responding to something that has flared up . We also recommend organisations like Relate, and suggest an optional similar level of donation (depending on circumstance) for these sessions.