Don't miss out on our special series of events and talks this summer, aimed at addressing issues of social justice in our city and beyond. 

Here's a list of what's on:

Sun 22nd May - Tackling discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation with Ed Shaw (founding trustee of
Fri 3rd June - Bristol Ball - charity ball in aid of - fighting modern slavery.
Sat 11th June - DIYSOS - DIY en mass to help those who can't easily do it themselves.
Sun 12th June - Sustainable Sunday with Ruth Valerio (eco theologian with, including the get to church without your car challenge.
Sun 3rd July - Tackling discrimination on the basis of gender - Owen Lynch (lead pastor,
Sun 17th July - Modern Slavery with Kate Garbers (managing director,
Following Owen Lynch's talk on 'Tackling Discrimination on the Basis of Gender' (3rd July), here are a couple of resources that you may want to check out:
Read Rich Nathan's paper on Women in Leadership: click here to download
Buy 'Equals' by Jenny Baker on Amazon: click here to buy
Following Kate Garbers' talk on 'Tackling Modern Day Slavery' (17th July), here is a copy of her slides.