Contributing to social renewal in the UK and in other nations

Bridges for Communities

We partner with this new UK based charity to build links with Muslim communities both in the UK and the Middle East.  We are committed to spearheading attempts to build friendship and trust between people of Western cultures and Muslim cultures.

Over the last three years we have hosted groups of Jordanian students to Bristol on three occasions and on two occasions groups from Severn have visited Jordan.  This year we plan two more exchange trips and a new exciting new initiative called Peacefeast. Check out the links to Bridges for Communities and Peacefeast.

Young Bridge Builders Weekend

June, 2014

We were delighted to help welcome a group of 5 Jordanians who visited Bristol as part of the Young Bridge Builders program.

For more information about the Young Bridge Builders program, or to check out highlights from last year's program click on the video below:

Environmental Responsibility

We seek to run Severn Vineyard Church in a responsible manner, seeking to limit our environmental impact.  Current measures taken to limit the our environmental impact are sourcing of fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar; sourcing of recycable paper cups and packaging; use of central meeting location to minimise car use to get to events; information and promotion of public transport to get to Severn events; partnership with City Car Club to use low emission cars instead of owning an older minibus/van; use of electronic communication to replace paper printing where possible.

As a agent for change Severn is committed to inspiring people minimise their environmental impact through example.